Terms and conditions

Art. I
General provisions and subject matter

  1. These terms and conditions govern the creation, amendment and termination of the contractual-legal relationship (contract), the fundamental rights and obligations arising between the Operator Internet portal (hereinafter Operator), users and providers of the liability of that relationship, and other matters relating to the mediation purchase goods or services through that web portal . General terms and conditions are displayed on the website
  2. The operator is the legal entity that operates a website (the Website) and facilitates the sale of goods or services specified in the Tender. The user is the natural or legal person who orders and buys goods or service being offered on the website. Provider is a natural person or a legal person on the website provides the sale of goods or services as part of the package. The offer is a summary of all published to providers registered on the website and include the name and surname, name, or pseudonym. Trade name of the Provider, the Provider's site; where appropriate, name, description and price of the service or goods provider and age.

Art. II
Advertising of services or goods in the Offer

  1. The provider is entitled to publish website offer services or goods offered him, which is authorized to specify the word and figurative specification Disclosure of such an offer is possible only after registration through the registration form located on the website in the section registration. To register it is necessary to fill in all fields marked as mandatory. Registration on the website is free.
  2. The provider undertakes to indicate in its offer services or goods only true reality and the corresponding data. In the event of default under the preceding sentence Provider is responsible for the damage suffered and all claims of the User, Operator and third parties.
  3. Provider undertakes not to publish defamatory, offensive or otherwise inappropriate word and figurative reality, the media or other information, including media unsuitable for minors less than 18 years of age. Provider acknowledges that such information specified in the preceding sentence will be deleted by Operator on the initiative or without it; the Provider shall be fully responsible for such damages and any other claims of the User, Operator and third parties.

Art. III
Ordering and cancelation services or goods in the Offer

  1. Ordering goods or services specified in the tender is only possible after the registration consisting of a completed registration form located on the website in the section registration and subsequent activation profile. To register it is necessary to fill in all fields in the registration form marked as required and activate a profile by visiting referred to in an electronic message sent by the Provider to email the User. Registration on the website is free.
  2. Ordering services or goods shall be effected by sending the order users on a website that the order of the User must be accepted by the Provider or contractual-legal relationship between them arises.
  3. Accepting an order by Provider under Sect. 2 of these Terms and Conditions are entering user and provider to the contractual-legal relationship under which the user agrees ordered services or goods paid in the manner and time in accordance with these payment terms set out in these Terms and Conditions and provider undertakes to sell the goods or provide a service.
  4. If the means of providing services or selling goods provider does not directly describe the goods or services specified in the tender or directly from the order user is obliged to agree with the Provider Specific terms and conditions of service or the sale of goods via chat in Article VIII. „Communication with the User Provide“; hereof (Chat). The user is obliged to agree with the Provider particular method of payment of the purchase price, delivery of goods or services, and the cancellation fee and so on.
  5. User registration and Provider agree that the operator sent them on their e-mail newsletter regarding the latest published tenders, multimedia and information relevant to the service as a direct marketing tool. Consent under the preceding sentence shall be entitled User and Provider revoked at any time by e-mail to the address listed on the website of the Operator.

Art. IV
Price of goods or services and payment terms

  1. The price of the service or goods sold is indicated in the offer of the Provider, the Provider and the User shall be entitled to agree on the price change only through IMs. User and provider are entitled to agree on the method of payment for services rendered or goods sold also only via chat.
  2. The user is required to pay for the ordered goods or services under an agreement concluded by chat with users.

Art. V.
Price for negotiation and payment terms

  1. Price for negotiation of service or the sale of goods by operators pursuant to these Terms and Conditions constitutes 0 €.

Art. VI.
Specific provisions

  1. The operator is not liable for any defects in the goods or services provided through the website, or for any loss incurred by the User or Provider or third parties in connection with the provision of services and sale of goods through a website, respectively. In connection with its operation. All claims of defective provision of the performance of the user are required to apply directly to the provider in accordance with generally binding legal regulations valid and effective in the Slovak Republic.
  2. If the provider fails to comply with obligations and commitments he arising from these terms and conditions shall be responsible for any damage thereby arising, and for all other claims arising out of that reason. The operator is authorized for those reasons also suspend or terminate its activities on the website.
  3. Operator is not responsible for non-compliance valid and effective generally binding legal regulations, in particular the tax by the User or Provider.

Art. VII.

  1. The operator does not deliver the goods or service purchased via its website and is not responsible for the proper and timely delivery of the following goods or services purchased.
  2. Terms of service a user is to negotiate through the chat line in these terms and conditions, the following agreed method of delivery is binding on the parties.

Art. VIII.
The User communicates with the Provider

  1. Chat is an online / offline communication between providers and users, which is activated at the moment of confirmation of the order by the Provider in which the provider and the user must specify the terms of service or goods under these terms and conditions, if it is not apparent from the specification of the goods or services referred to in Offer.
  2. User and Provider acknowledge and agree that communication via chat is available to the operator of the need to meet the contractual-legal relationship, in particular for the payment of the purchase price and calculating rates for brokerage services rendered or the sale of goods and that any other method of communication between users provider and operator disregarded.

Art. IX.
Privacy Policy

  1. User and provider registration on the website Operator granted approval to the acquisition and processing of their personal data in accordance with Act 122/2013 Z. z on the protection of personal data. The operator is authorized without a special permission to process these data for marketing campaigns, communications necessary for appropriate implementation of the contract awarded, and the internal needs of the Operator. User and provider providing the above statement voluntarily agree that the information supplied to the extent that in the particular case which have been filled in or the users and providers obtained by contracting, respectively. Under subscriptions on the website of the Operator, the Operator was processed within the above purpose.
  2. In cases where the recipient of goods or services is different from a person other than the User may be her personal data be used only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, to any further processing of their personal data requires explicit consent of such person. The processing of personal data by the above Operator may appoint a third party as a processor. The user may request deletion of personal data, or repair them at any time by writing to the available points of contact listed on the website of the Operator.

Art. X.

  1. Website is protected pursuant to Act 618/2003 Z. z Copyright Act and other relevant legislation. Any use of the web, its parts or as a whole, particularly reproduction and distribution of texts, images, photos or samples in any mechanical, electronic or otherwise without the written permission of the Operator is permitted only a way that direct material benefit shall not pass. It is not allowed to disclose and / or transfer any data on the website and materials, particularly defamatory, offensive or other information and / or materials which infringe valid and effective generally binding legal norms. The operator shall remove such information and / or materials.

Art. XI.
Final provisions

  1. These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website at the date of dispatch of an electronic order if it is a legal relationship between the parties agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. Relationships not arranged by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by generally binding legal regulations valid in the Slovak Republic, in particular the relevant provisions of Act no No 40/1964 Z.z. Civil Code, as amended, and Act 250/2007 Z.z. consumer protection, as amended. These general business conditions are valid from the publication on the website.