O projekte Talent Walks

„We have created a new product which will help talented people to offer their services very fast and easily.“

„We have created the product which will help people to find the services easily and in one place.“

Show your talent

Present yourself for free

Simply create your web presence. With our help you fill in required information and we offer the services you provide. You can create a good looking website for a short time that is by your disclosure immediately presented - and directly on our home page! For our services you pay absolutely no fees.

Target for those who seek you

Thanks to Talent Walks you focus your precise profile for clients who are looking for you. Define a location where you operate and the people who will seek services at this location will find you. You can set up your main label and several minor labels, to give others to know what keywords are related to you. In addition, you present your profile in a short text that will describe you briefly and concisely to your potential clients everywhere on the page. In addition, you can supplement services with pictures and descriptions according to which clients also reach your site.

Get real orders

Via Talent Walks you receive and manage orders in a clear system. You'll see your order status which you provide, also the term as well as the agreed price. The most important, in every order you can chat lively with the clients. You can argue the conditions which will be obligatory for you, so we will also take them in solving potential disputes. For new orders and messages you will be consistently warned until you have read it, so you will not miss a thing.

Build up your reputation

Using successfully completed orders via Talent Walks you will arise references. At the services, you will have a direct link to references and the number of clients who have ordered. To references you can add pictures and show so real results of your work. Get "Like" at Facebook and your profile will be more visible.

Give yourself a new source of income

On your account you will have available clear statement of your account, where you can see each transaction. These informations are confidential and is visible only for you. You will see exactly how much you have earned each month.


If you have received an invitation to Talent Walks, it'll be a simple registration. If you do not have an invitation, try to write to if you tempt us to believe that you deserve it, be sure to get some after registration, the clear guide awaits you by eight steps of completing profile. If you go through those eight steps, you will be on your way to acquire new customers and orders.

Let´s help one another

We take you as a partner and we will help you to gain as many clients as possible. We will be glad if you will do the same and you will behave to clients honestly and fairly. We will do everything possible to make your name through us to become a sign of trust and we expect that you with inappropriate behaviour will not spoil even our name too. Let us know about the problems and together we will try to solve it. About good experience with us and you can tell your friends, clients or other talents, you know.

Discover new talents

Check the catalogue of talents

On the websites Talent Walks you can browse the talents and their services in a common format. You won´t lose on the sections or subpages of the website – you will be able to use it, because each talent and service will be presented by the same way.

Search for that you need

We are trying to provide you exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to the single profiles and detailed the targeting of talents that you can set; we can choose exactly the talent you need. The search is so easy that you just write what you are looking for anywhere on the page in the top bar. When you see the results you can classify them.

Keep the guarantee provision of the service

Our goal is to offer quality services of quality people. Therefore, in case of problems you can count on our support and, together with the service provider we will try to solve the problem. After your order you can also evaluate the talent and provide feedback.

Learn more about talent provider

Every talent has the opportunity to show off its work references. Reference will arise only when the order is successfully completed and paid, so you can be sure that it is real. By the references and numbers of individual services you can get an idea of their work. You can see how many people have saved the talent to their list or how many people have supported him in public. You can check those who support it. You can see what comments and ratings services are for the talent. The more information you get, the better you know to decide.

Support good talents, save those interesting ones

After registration, you have the option of imposing talents on the page that you have in your private list. If you encounter something you definitely want to check out later, save it. In addition, you have the opportunity to support the talent. When someone provides a service and you want to show in public that it is worth your support, please do so. Others discover that is really worth it. And this in just one clicks for profile talent.

Order services simply

Registered users order services just a few clicks. If you have selected a service, simply select the term optionally and add a reference to the service provider and add to basket. After three steps you have order among your and it means you can chat lively and argue conditions with talent, which will also be binding on us in any dispute as to whether anything was agreed as has been said. We protect your money and your satisfaction.

Write what you think

When your order is completed you will be able to send evaluation of provision of the service. This evaluation talent cannot modify and with that you help to show how high quality services the talent provide and fulfil your expectations. You can write comment or to support the talent or save it. Your positive or negative feedback we and the talent appreciate.

How to do it?

You can view the webpage quite easily without registering. If you decide to subscribe to the service or to impose or promote talents, registration can make it in less than a minute. The only thing we need from you is your e-mail or you can use the registration through Facebook. Then you get the password, and ... yes, that's it. You can use all the possibilities as a registered user of page.

We start, let´s help us!

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services to the widest possible audience. If there is something for obstructs or have an idea for improvement, please write us. We'll do our best to comply. Otherwise if you enjoy it here, share and please tell to others.